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Solomon Onyemere is a music maker and disc jockey based in Brighton & Hove. He regularly draws inspiration from art, vibrant cityscapes and serene natural environments, and has a keen passion in pairing visuals with sound. While specialising in electronic music, Solomon is also well-versed in a wide range of musical styles. He has developed a distinctive amalgamation of signature sounds, infusing his compositions with emotional, melodic arpeggios, warm and cosmic synth pads, as well as percussive and hypnotic playful grooves. Solomon's musical talents have contributed to an extensive array of projects, including documentary films, stage plays, fashion shows (including London Fashion Week), art exhibitions, public art installations, and non-profit organisation initiatives. Solomon has been a part of several studio and DJ collaborations, such as Urgent Boots, Rootmaster, L2D and Marzipan Disco. Notably, he has commercially released music on labels such as Universal (Polydor) and his own Peakflow Recordings


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• Music Composing

• Stage + Film Score

• Sync Licensing

• Sound Design

• Music Curation

• DJ Bookings


2145 | A play written by Emma Kelly, directed by Gemma Hoare, music and sound design by Solomon Onyemere. 

Richard Chivers: OFF-Grid | An exhibition part of London Festival of Architecture at Gareth Gardner Gallery. Original music score by
Solomon Onyemere for the OFF-Grid film as part of the exhibition. 
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